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Viagra and Kamagra Erection Pills: Why Not Use Them?

Viagra and Kamagra Erection Pills: Why Not Use Them?

For more than two decades, men have been using the blue pill to t3mmc capsules kamagra en viagra buy reat their erectile dysfunction. Treating this dysfunction online has been in the news ever since the first online pharmacy was launched. 


Amongst the well-known erectile dysfunction treatment, the two most common ones are Viagra and Kamagra. Although Viagra has been popular for a long time, Kamagra has now gained recognition over the past few years as it received around 100,000 searches from the UK per month. 


All around the world, a number of people spend dollars on drugs just to make their sex life better. However, some of them move towards the consumption of medications like Viagra or Kamagra; these pills are best suited for people with erectile dysfunction, and taking them just to improve your sex life can be dangerous. 


Viagra and Kamagra Erection Pills: To Avoid or Not?

In a study by JAMA Internal Medicine, the results showed an increased risk of skin cancer caused by the consumption of Viagra pills. The study showed that more than 3% of skin cancer cases in men were caused by sildenafil intake, which is present in erectile dysfunction treatments.

What is Viagra or Kamagra?

A branded erectile dysfunction treatment containing Sildenafil Citrate, Kamagra is an active ingredient that helps fight off erectile dysfunctions and is also found in the blue pill. It is produced in India and is marketed directly in the UK. It works as a cheap alternative to Viagra or other erectile dysfunction treatments. 


Likewise, Viagra is a treatment for erectile dysfunction that has been on the market for the past few decades. It is now being replaced by Kamagra. Erectiepillen bestellen bij de specialist.


How Do These Erection Pills Work?

Erection pills like Viagra or Kamagra relax the muscles in the blood vessel walls, increasing the blood flow in the penis. This makes it easier for men to get and maintain an erection. These pills are effective for treating any sexual stimulation that occurs during sexual intercourse. However, these are only suitable for people with erectile dysfunction treatments. If taken otherwise, it can cause several health hazards discussed below. 

Why Not Take These Erection Pills?

Such medications that help treat erectile dysfunction contain chemicals that can have severe side effects if taken without any doctor’s prescription. Here is a list of side effects one is likely to experience when consuming Viagra or Kamagra:

  1. Angina, a sudden worsening of heart-related chest pain
  2. sickle cell anemia
  3. severe renal impairment
  4. hearing loss
  5. multiple myeloma
  6. leukemia
  7. pigmentary retinopathy
  8. erectiestoornis, kamagra, viagra kopen 3mmc online bestellenlife-threatening heart issues such as irregular heartbeat
  9. a heart attack
  10. low blood pressure
  11. These pills cause loss of blood supply to the optic nerve, which likewise causes a sudden vision loss 
  12. liver problems
  13. Peyronie’s disease
  14. a bent penis with erection
  15. pulmonary venous-occlusive disease
  16. narrowing of the aortic heart valve
  17. hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  18. significant uncontrolled high blood pressure
  19. chronic heart failure
  20. a stroke
  21. fibrous tissue formation in the penis
  22. problems with food passing through the esophagus
  23. hereditary retinal dystrophy

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